INDIA'S growth miracle has improved the lives and prospects of millions of people, but it is taking a toll on the country's environment. High levels of air and water pollution are shortening people's lives and threatening vital ecosystems.

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.Yammuna Veggies-High Metal levels  including Mercury.

Yammuna Veggies-High Metal levels including Mercury

Untreated Industrial Effluent Dumped On Yamuna Floodplain -Neha Lalchandani TNN New Delhi Feb 14th 2012 New Delhi: The next time you stop along the Yamuna to buy those fresh leafy vegetables, think twice. A study carried out...

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.Why recycle lamps?.

Why recycle lamps?

Lamps that are thrown away will leak mercury and mercury vapour into the environment. When released from broken lamps, Mercury Vapour, being a heavy metal, can contaminate clothing thus be transmitted person to person via...

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.It's not that bright an idea.

It's not that bright an idea

CFL bulbs poisoning the Capital; activists alarmed, government clueless. The Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) may have reduced your electricity bills drastically but not many are aware that it is one of the most toxic devices in...

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Premium Bulb Eater

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The Bulb Eater® crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length into 100 percent recyclable material while capturing more than 99.99 percent of the vapors released. The system, which is mounted to a 200 liters drum, can hold up to 1,350 4-foot fluorescent lamps or 3000 CFLs.


When a lamp is fed into the machine’s entry tube, it is crushed to pieces in roughly one second—whether straight or u-tube. The Bulb Eater®'s filtration system pulls the contaminated air out of the drum to filter the released powder and mercury vapor. Contaminated air goes through a two-stage filtering process: The first stage captures more than 99 percent of the released dust particulate, and the second stage HEPA filter acts as a polishing filter and captures more than 99.99 percent of the remaining particulate. The mercury vapor is then blown through the third filter that contains carbon, which neutralizes all of the mercury vapours released during the controlled crushing of lamps.


Balcan Lamp Recycling Plant

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Balcan brought the world the first commercial lamp and bulb crusher in 1980. We are now pleased to be able to offer you the Balcan Lamp Recycling Plant.

Our lamp and bulb recycling plant deals with all types of commonly used lamps, in all shapes and sizes, e.g. straight fluorescent, u-tube, HID, sodium, compact fluorescent bulb (CFL).

The latest Balcan lamp recycling technology also means that our system leads the way for other lamp recycling plants, as it will process all compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and energy saving bulbs without need for sorting.

Current recycling systems usually only deal with specific types of lamps and processing others may require purchasing expensive front end add-ons or separate stand alone systems. Some bulb recycling companies even improvise, by having to manually separate the glass form the bulky plastic fitting, which will otherwise damage the system. This improvisation can put the operator at risk from unnecessary exposure to mercury and broken glass.



Mercury Retort System

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We provide mercury retorts and vacuum distillation ovens manufactured by Summit Valley Equipment & Engineering, ranging from 0.5 cubic foot to 40 cubic feet material capacity. Both gas and electric models are available. Gas fired retorts are of classic retort design with the retort being externally heated. Electrically heated retorts can be built as classic externally heated retorts, or internally heated vacuum distillation ovens. In general, the internally heated electric vacuum distillation ovens are the most economical design. However, the internally electric heated models do have some limitations when the retort feed materials contain elemental sulfur or sulfide minerals that oxidize to produce sulfuric acid gas, which can attack the heating element material.


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